Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I came across an article on apartment therapy about houses that were designed for the owners to excersise doing their daily activities and I thought it was very interesting. Here are just a few.

I like this tree house with all of it's different levels - very Swiss Family Robinson.

This takes on a whole new meaning for "I like to ski"

I thought this was clever. Speed/motor boats are not allowed on this lake so you have to row from shore to the island.
I really like this one because it seems like it is a little more practical. I find that it would be feasible to actually do that to a wall in a game room.

Good ideas!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Haunted MAIZE and some female fun!

I just want to start off by saying that I am so grateful that Joseph understands that I need to have some time with the girls every once in a while!

So this past weekend a group of about 8 of us drove to Shreveport, LA to stay in a hotel for the weekend, do some shopping at the boardwalk, eat good food and most importantly go to a CORN MAIZE that was partly haunted!

Oh, there was too much fun to be had! On Friday night, way we stopped on the way in Canton, TX to eat dinner. There Sandi and I decided that we should all play a game that LeeAnn taught us. It doesn't have a "name", but basically it goes like this -- you couldn't say the name of the town you live in at all during the weekend, you couldn't say any party of the town name (i.e. - I live in Cedar Hill, so I couldn't say Cedar -- or Hill or Cedar Hill). If we did this we had to stand up where ever we were (except in the car) and sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" with all of the hand motions! Sherry (mom in law) was the first one to say it at the restaurant in Canton. She was caught off guard and she was a little embarrassed, but she still stood up proud and sang it loud! I got caught myself a few times over the course of the weekend! Oh, so much fun and laughter!

On Saturday, we went to a place in Shreveport called Norton's Art Gallery which is known for it's beautiful grounds. And they were at that! We had some good times taking pictures, laughing and singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot"! (pictures to come later - hopefully). After that we went to the Boardwalk for lunch and shopping. It is a really neat outdoor type mall. After a nap back at the hotel we drove to Gilliam, LA and had dinner at the Main Street Restaurant owned by a friend that Sandi new in high school. From there we drove to Dixie, LA and went to the MAIZE.

The maze was divided into 3 different Phases. The first two weren't haunted at just got really lost and turned around. The 3rd phase was SCARY. We screamed and laughed so much. Then we waited in a line for the HAUNTED TRAIL. They drove us to the back of the property where they had a pretty scary trail for us to go on. It was more scary than the maze! The travel and money spent on this trip was worth it because we had so much fun together and the MAIZE was awesome! I highly recommend it.

That's about it. We didn't sleep much and we lived to tell about it!

Hopefully I'll get some pictures to put up here soon.

Love to all.