Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick Days

Well, I can't post pictures of our bathroom re-do, because we didn't get to it. I got sick last week with the flu. But I'm all better now and we will get to it one day. Love to all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home Projects, cont.

Well, this weekend Joseph and I are tackling our bathroom. Right now it is a minty green color. We are going to paint it a light camel color. It should be rich and creamy. I can't wait! I will post before and after pictures when we are done.

Last Saturday, I helped mom take down the wall paper in her kitchen and prime the walls. Yesterday, I went back over there after work and helped her paint the walls in a rich buttery yellow color which is just a little darker than the bright yellow she has on the rest of the walls. With the white crown molding it looks really good! Then dad decided he wanted to re-arrange the office, so I helped him do that. It felt like old times, when I would want to re-arrange my bedroom and dad would always help me. Good times.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Response to Brittany's Blog - FRIENDS

On Friends - Brother Keith preached about this a few months ago, wherein he said:

1. You have friends that are your intimate friends (best friends) people you share everything with and don't hold back. Probably life long friends.

2. You have your casual friends that you hang around with, have fun with, share some of your life with, but probably don't know every facet of your life.

3. And you have acquaintance friends. People that you know, probably see occasionally because y'all run around in the same circle, but that probably you don't know too much about.

In my opinion, everyone needs to have these three levels of friends. And I'm sure, you Brittany, have all of these and that's probably why you think your circle of friends keep changing. I think our friends do change over time. I think we all grow and some of us grow apart and some of us grow stronger together. For example, my parents have been friends with two couples that they met before any of us kids were born. They have been friends with each other for 25 + years. One of the families has moved several times across the country and back and still they remain friends. I think this is something very hard to come by and something to treasure. So I don't think it's you Brittany....we all go through the same thing. I just hope you, Nathan, Joseph and me are as lucky as my parents.