Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Slide Show H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

That's where I feel I am at right now. I originally did our slide show for the Rehearsal Dinner in movie maker on my computer. It looked ok....it definitely flowed ok, but the pictures were fussy when blown up. AHHAHAHAHAH. I just wanted to scream! I probably did a few times...not quite sure.

So I come home yesterday to find mom working on the computer. She said I think I figured out how to get the music on Power Point - oh bless you! The pictures won't be blurry -- oh but wait, can I cut the one song down as much as I need it. She said she thought I could....yeah.

Oh, but don't get too excited first I had to get the music on the software to cut it down....not an easy task as it would not read my song as an mp3 file - too much trouble I wash my hands of the whole thing....oh, but wait, I found another version! Yay....not so yay....it doesn't sound good at all!

But by an act of GOD the correct good mp3 version was in my limewire library...now we are getting somewhere! I cut the song down and put it in the slide show....now we are cooking!

With 238 pictures to weed through and put in order...my little laptop was having problems staying up to speed. Every time we would try to watch the slide show...it would freeze and we would have to re-boot......why me......

Finally, we got it to work and we got through 3 out of the 5 songs. Hopefully tonight will be better. We are pretty much done with everything except for this and it is stressing me out.
Here's a little preview of some of the pictures that will be in the slide show.

Monday, June 16, 2008

This past weekend

On Saturday, our friends, Kim, Archilene and Natalie came over to the house and we worked on wedding projects until we were blue in the face. We got a lot done! I feel like a load has been lifted. We had such good times and laughter. It makes working on those projects more bearable when you have such good friends to help you.

A week or so ago, Joseph said that he wanted to take me some where special on Saturday night and that it was a surprise. This past Friday I asked him what I should wear...showed him a couple of things and picked out a red, black and white polka dot dress. So Saturday night at 6:30 he picked me up and when we got in the car he put a blind fold on me. He had never done that before, but he's always trying different things to surprise me, so I didn't think it too out of the ordinary. So as we start driving, I said, maybe I can keep up with him by the turns. Well by the 6th or 7th turn I was lost and so I gave up. By the time we got to our destination, I thought we were in Dallas...we had driven so long. He told me I couldn't take the blind fold off yet and he came around to my door and helped me get out of the car and then walked me to the door. I remember thinking it is so quiet out here, where could we be in Dallas that is so quiet. So we get in the door and he takes the blind fold off and all of my good friends are there and they scream SURPRISE! I was thinking to myself...it's not my birthday...why are they throwing me a surprise party. Then someone said it's my lingerie shower....oh, now it makes sense.

We had chicken Alfredo for dinner (my fav)! Mrs. Beard made a cake with a bra and panties on it and she used snow balls as the boobs (very cute)! Everything was decorated in red, black and white - so my dress matched perfectly. Plus, the dress I wore I had bought to wear at the Bridal Luncheon, but I found another dress for that...so this one I hadn't planned on wearing to any shower - so I wasn't repeating an outfit...which I was very pleased about!

Joseph stayed for dinner and then after that he left. We played the game where you have to dress someone up in toilet paper so we did that and 4 of us were judged on the job done and our runway walk. My mom, Archilene and Kim won. It was great fun. After that I had to open certain presents as a poem was being read and the poem told me which present to open. Then we had a belly dancer performed which was quite interesting and then she taught us some belly dancing moves -- so much laughing! After that we had cake and raspberry sherbet punch! --- mmmm also my fav! Then I opened more presents. I got so much...I don't think I'm going to have enough days in HI to wear them all! Some were very sexy and some were very comfy! That was about it. We had a very good time! We laughed A LOT and just had good womanly fellowship!

Sunday was a lazy day. Mom and I went to a meeting for Daniel's camp and then to Wal-Mart to scan in some pictures onto a CD for the slide show. Then to home where we watched the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice which is very long and took most of the day to watch. We worked on some laundry and then when Daniel got home from work we went and bought dad an edger for Father's day. I'm sure he will be over joyed.

Not much else to report! I had a really good weekend! It is now 2 weeks until wedding week!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Red...can't have enough!

I found this picture and I really like the idea of having a red wall and then a white or black book case in front of it.