Sunday, April 18, 2010

Austin Powers - Goldmember

Jenn - It was better than the first two - it has some really funny parts - here's some funny lines:

"moley moley moley moley moley" - Austin Powers

"Ah thank you" - Austin Powers

Also, interesting - Carrie Ann Inaba is in it as a Japanese twin - Matt Parkman from Heroes and Hiro from Heroes are both extras in it (I don't know their real names off hand).

Joseph - It was the best and funniest of the three movies. The "Hard Knock Life" video in the prison is the funniest part of the movie for me. It's funnier because you get all the jokes from the previous movies. I like Michael Cain's character as Austin's dad.

Funny quotes:

"I used to think you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts - ah thank you." - Austin Powers

"Leo" - Dr. Evil

"Is he sleeping?" - Dr. Evil

"yah, yah, yah, yah" - Dr. Evil and Frau

"How 'bout you don't, ladies and gentlemen, Scotty don't" - Dr. Evil

"Give me an Escalade a two-way bling bling on Ebay" - Dr. Evil (from the Hard Knock Life rap song)
Next movie - Almost Famous


Jenn - Oh, Disney movies - they are so great...I will never tire of them. The music of Aladdin is so awesome! I found myself singing along - much to Joseph's dismay. I LOVE Robin William's Genie - so comical! Also, I remember that the guy that is the voice of Aladdin is Scott Weinger who played Steve, DJ's boyfriend on Full House. He was so cute when I was 12! Not much else I can say - I love DISNEY!!!!

Joseph - It's not very good - I didn't remember it being as much of a musical - maybe when I was 12 I liked it, but I don't want to watch it again. Robin Williams was the high point.

Next movie - Austin Powers - Goldmember (probably tonight)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Austin Powers and the Spy Who Shagged Me

Jenn - This movie is just as I remembered it....STUPID. However, there are a few funny lines -

"I'm gonna go watch a moovie" - Austin Powers

"Get in my belly" - Fat....well you know

"You ain't all that and a bag of potato chips" - Dr. Evil

Joseph - It was funny when it first came out, but looking sucks. Funny line...

"Try a Hot Pocket, they're breath taking" - Dr. Evil

That's all we have for this train wreck - we will take a break from Austin Powers - next movie is Aladdin

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life at the Movies!!

Anyone who knows anything about us, knows that we take turns picking the movies that we to mix things up a bit - since we have so many movies - we decided to watch all of our movies (268 movies) (minus the movies we have seen since moving into this apartment) leaving us with 225 movies. There are so many movies that we just skip over for one reason or another and we want to be able to watch and enjoy them all! So, in saying that - keep tuned - because we will post about the one's that we find interesting, funny, stupid, or just enjoy for reasons we can't explain. The next movie we will watch is "Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me"