Friday, December 12, 2008

10 things i LOVE
* God
* My husband
* Family
* Best Friends
* Christmas
* Movies
* Fall
* The color Red
* Weddings
* Italian Food

10 things i HATE
* Snakes
* Spiders
* Being Interrupted/Interrupting people (I try not to)
* When people don't answer their phones -- really what's the point to have one?
* Baby's crying in Restaurant's/Movies/Performances/Weddings
* Rap Music
* Ignorance
* Lying
* Mean Sylar (I want good Sylar back)
* Judgmental people

10 things i LIKE
* Back Rubs
* Flip Flops
* State Fair
* Sleep
* Eye Brow Waxes
* My job
* Cooking for Joseph
* Family gatherings
* Cute babies and the baby dedication days at church
* Decorating for Christmas

10 things i DISLIKE
* People who talk during movies!!!!!
* Watching some sports
* Not having enough money for all the things I want
* Bugs/Insects
* When people forget important things I tell them
* The cat giving me sinus problems
* Working out
* Mustard
* When people talk during the offertory
* Getting up for work

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is my favorite time of the year

I love Christmas. I know a lot of people love Christmas, so I guess it shouldn't be that special to me, but it is. Last year, I wasn't really in the Christmas mood, I can't really explain it....that's just how it was. I didn't even decorate my apartment last sad is that. However, this year I am very excited about Christmas because I am involved in our church's pageant, my family is coming here for the special day and it's mine and Joseph's first Christmas as a married couple.
So, about two months ago, I saw this sign for "Texas' #1 Christmas Store" - I got very excited and said that I wanted to go there the day after Thanksgiving. Mom and I made plans and that is exactly what we decided to do....I had birthday money burning in my wallet and I was ready. Well, we got there and it was beautiful, overwhelming, packed full, crowded and more importantly over needless to say...I was a bit disappointed. We didn't stay long and decided to go somewhere else. Mom suggested we stop at Garden Ridge...I have never been to Garden Ridge and I will tell you this...I will be going back! They had a lot to choose from and great prices...I stocked up. I got so excited that I decorated on yes, our house is fully decorated for this Christmas season and I love to look at our Christmas tree all lit up every night. I also can't wait to share it with family when they come for this wonderful holiday!
To me the most important parts of Christmas are of course, that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and that we get to spend that time with family and friends. It's not really about the gifts, decorating or 24 hour Christmas music. Those are just things that get us in the "jolly" mood, but it's a feeling of pure comfort and peace when you are nearest to those that you love.
A little bit about the pageant. I believe our church has really latched onto something that shows the love, compassion and grace of our Lord and the plan He had for Mary and Joseph and for all of man kind. At this time of year, people are so open to hearing this story and I believe our church has a great way of expressing the gospel in such a way that people can relate to the wonderful words of God. I am so happy that I get to be a part of such a wonderful thing. I pray that many lives are touched and that seeds are planted in the hearts of those people. If you can come - it's not something to be missed. See my post below for more info.
That's all I have right now. If I remember, I might post some pictures later tonight of our decor.