Monday, May 31, 2010



We don't have her at home yet, but we visit her often!

She is so adorable and she squeeks! Her nose is half grey and half white.

On another note - I saw the long anticpated SATC2 movie this weekend, and it let me down...just a little bit. I think I saw the whole movie in previews. Some parts of it were funny, of course...but I feel like it could have been better. Let's put it this way - I thought Letters to Juliet was better.
I am now looking forward to Eclipse. Hopefully it will be better. We shall see.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost Famous

Jenn- I obtained this movie from my former boss because he borrowed one of the Harry Potter movies from me and brought the movie back without the box. He felt bad, so he gave me this movie to sort of "make up for it." I had no interest in seeing this movie before I owned it, but since it was free...I gave it shot. I thought it was great! Of course, I love anything Kate Hudson is in and thought she was great. This is the second time I have watched it and I just now watched the special feature "the making of..." I had no idea that the movie, which was written and directed by Cameron Crowe, is loosely based on his own experiences following bands in the 70's and writing about them. Anyway..great movie!
Joseph - I think it's a really good movie. I like the music in it. I like the story. I like Jimmy Fallon in the movie, even though he has a small part, I think it was good. The scene in the airplane with the storm is funny. I like the song "Fever Dog," it makes me want to put it on my iPod. I like Philip Seymour Hoffman's character of Lester Bangs. Dwight from "The Office" is also in the movie as an editor at Rolling Stones.
Quote -
"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're un-cool" - Lester Bangs

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blogging on my lunch hour

I love Progresso soups - the Light Italian Style Meatball is my favorite -- I was eating Chicken and Dumplings and I had to call Joseph and tell him to get the Light Italian Style Meatball today when he goes to the store. I am generally not a "soup" person - but these soups have an excellent flavor and plenty of "good stuff" to fill you up!
On another note - CATS - not the musical, but the little kittens in my mother-in-law's barn! As you know Joseph and I are going to take one. We now know that the black one and the white and grey one are GIRLS!!!! Those are my top 2 pics. Now we just have to decide which one likes us better. We have 6 more weeks to get to know them more. I need to take more pictures because they are so precious and growing so fast! A bit of sad news - there is another black mamma cat who had 1 kitten last Sunday. We have just discovered that one of the kitten's back paws looks to either be deformed or broken :( We are afraid that it might have other deformities too. They will have to consult the vet about what to do with it. Very sad business.
Movies - I know we are supposed to be blogging about our movies, but we have not been in the moving watching mood lately. We have been working in our house, watching our end of the year TV shows, taking walks in the neighborhood, etc.... We will get back to it soon.
Saturday I went with some friends to the Biblical Arts Museum in Dallas. It was as really enjoyable experience. I will go back again if someone wants to go that didn't get to. They had some really neat exhibits and my father-in-law did a lot of work for them too, so it was exciting to see is work displayed. There was one painting that was just's hard to explain, but it took up the whole wall and Jesus' birth and Crucifixion were in the middle and then surrounded by historical events and figures - you would have to see it - it was magnificent - and to the left of the painting was "key" with the name of every event and every person in the painting. If I knew the name of it, I would try to post a picture of it, but alas - I do not remember.
Also, another great collection was Harry Antis' Collection - the paintings were so smooth they looked like photographs. It was really amazing! If you ever have the chance to go, I would highly recommend it!
I think that is all I have say at the moment - time to get back to work!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We have moved - therefore, we haven't had time to watch our movies - they will come back soon!

FYI - waiting on kitties to be old enough so I can take one!!! About 6 more weeks! oh, so cute - here's a pic --