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Monday, October 4, 2010

New Post...just because

I have no idea what this blog post will lead to.  Probably nothing....since I do not have anything interesting roaming around in my mind.  Unfortunately I am un-inspired of late.  As soon as I can get the urge to do so, I will post some vacation pictures.  Until then, nothing....I am literally typing and cannot think of anything to write about....

OH, I KNOW...ta-da!

Big news on the family front...most of you know already, but my cousin Kathleen is getting married in October 2011 to a great guy named Ryan.  We just couldn't be happier for her.  The coolest thing about their wedding so far is the date.  It's October 29th, which I'm sure most of you are thinking what's cool about that, well it's not so much the date, but how they picked the date.  They are HUGE football fans and ever HUGER (if that's a word) college football fans and GINORMOUS LSU college football fans and October 29th just happens to be the only Saturday that LSU does not have a game.  They live in Baton Rouge, so of course everyone is an LSU fan.  Pretty smart on their part I must say.  This especially came to my mind this last weekend when a friend of mine was in a wedding in Austin, the groom graduated from UT and I believe the bride did too, but they had the wedding on a Saturday in Austin, Texas when UT played Oklahoma in Dallas, a yearly traditional rivalry.  Not really sure that was thought threw all the way...or maybe it was.  Anyway, I can't wait to participate in Ryan and Kathleen's wedding.  I know they will be so happy together and we are just so excited for them! 

More news......Joseph and I are going to be an uncle and aunt...that's right folks the baby season of our lives has begun!!!  Not quite yet for us, but it has for James and Lindsay,  Joseph's brother and sister-n-law!  We can't wait for April to come so we can start spoiling the baby!  I have already warned Lindsay that the baby would be spoiled!  We couldn't be happier for them!  

Totally different note - (boy this post is all over the place) - how do you get a kitten to stop trying to climb the walls?  It is getting really old. 

And lastly, but certainly not the least, please pray for a dear friend of our family, Kevin, who has had several heart attacks last week and has since then undergone major open heart surgery.  He and is family are very dear to our hearts and we would not want to loose him before God wanted him home with HIM.  So please pray for his recovery, that it is smooth and that his transition into normal life is seamless. 

-- Jenn